NZ Cycle Journal & Wahoo Fitness | Never Too Young

In 2018 I teamed up with NZ Cycle Journal & Wahoo fitness to tell a story that matters. Ex-professional cyclist Britt Chambers voice needed to be heard, and her story earnt her a permanent place in my heart.

The campaign fitted perfectly with my vision to overpower the streams of superficial, narcissistic, self-proclaimed influencer content littering our social media feeds. Replacing it with truly inspirational and worthwhile content.

I’ll let Britt’s video below fill you in on her story. Make sure you click the link and donate

Lululemon | Father’s Day Campaign

In 2017 New Wave & Lululemon New Zealand teamed up with social media influencer Jesse James to promote fathers day. The campaign used a running narrative on the importance of a father figure and how that has shaped the man Jesse is today.

We wanted to create a more authentic, less product driven campaign, where the people and the stories are heroed rather than the brand, for an emotive experience.

Tristram European | Drive Campaign

In early 2017 we were tasked with developing an influencer lead social media campaign and strategy.

We sought out mid-level local influencers for more credible, organic brand engagement. It was also important to us that the influencers we found incorporated long-term into the Tristram European family.

On top of creating the campaigns video and photo content, we managed the social media delivery and provided the strategy for the campaign. We wanted to expand on the initial content we created, where we introduced consumers to the Tristram European brand, and introduce the consumers to the different cars indirectly through people.

Tristram ŠKODA | Local Innovation

Recently we were fortunate enough to be introduced to the team at Tristram European. A key figure in the Wairau landscape, Tristram European are an amazing group of passionate individuals.

It was our job to collaborate with them and launch their social media platform with the creation of some amazing content.

On top of creating their social media content, we were tasked with managing their social media and providing strategy behind their campaigns. We wanted to start by introducing the general public to their range, and constructed distinct individual personalities for each of their cars.

Misters | Own a piece of the pie

So when we were approached by our mates about a vision to expand their already amazing brand, we jumped at the opportunity. We fell in love with their dedication to serving real food, food that tastes good and makes you feel good.

Misters produce all of their food in their own kitchen using organic whole foods, traditionally farmed meats & vegetables and raw seasonal produce with a balance of protein from land & sea as well as vegan, vegetarian & grain free choices. The kitchen is gluten & dairy free that means if you’re trying to avoid certain types of food, you’re safe with Misters.

It has been our job to create social media content that showcases the vibrancy of taste and appearance of all their food was a fun challenge. We were then tasked in aiding to the creation of a video for Misters crowdfunding campaign to open a new store which will serve as a blueprint for a franchise model.

Bespoke Barbers | Barber School

One day we were walking down High street, when we stumbled across this gem of a barber shop. We headed inside, gear in toe, and we knew from that moment we had stumbled into somewhere special.

The nostalgia of a proper barber shop was overwhelming, this was the perfect retreat for any gentleman to escape and get groomed. After an in-depth exchange of ideas, we took on the task of creating a piece of literature, the holy bible of barbering, a textbook to be used in the upcoming Bespoke Barber School.

Not only did we have to provide art direction, design and illustration for the text but we created instructional videos and social media content for Bespoke Barbers. The whole team are passionate about helping like-minded local businesses and this has truly been a passion piece for all those involved.

Federation | Campaigns

When your mates are the owners of one of the most iconic Kiwi clothing labels, you know you are surrounded by some super talented creatives. We were blown away when we were given the reigns to shoot all of Federations upcoming campaigns and create all their social media content.

We started by creating a specific colour profile that we felt suited their brand. This colour profile would then be tweaked and subtly changed for each season’s campaign, whilst maintaining the fundamental feel of the brand.

We then sat down with Ben and Jen and created brand personality traits for Mr Federation and Mrs Federation as we felt the two arms of their brand had different personality traits. This helped us identify the types of locations, the characteristics to look for in models and the sort of music that fitted their amazing brand.

Mercedes Benz | Drive to success

After stumbling across a whiteboard full of scrawled words and notes at an agency we worked with, we decided to provide some input and creative direction to the campaign they wanted to pitch. This ended up in us ultimately coming up with a completely new concept to be used in a pitch for Mercedes-Benz Gold Coast.

The agency was struggling so there was no budget for the equipment or infrastructure we needed to create our creative concept. So armed with only a Panasonic GH4 and a DJI Osmo we gathered the New Wave crew, found a mate to be the talent and created a mock campaign to be pitched to Mercedes Benz Gold Coast.

We identified that the consumer group the dealership wanted to target, young people embarking on the start of their careers who wanted to exude a sense of success through the ownership of a Mercedes-Benz. Not really keen on the promotion of materialism and consumerism we wanted to add a positive twist to the creative. We thought the best way to do this was to come up with three pillars that are the basis of most people lives in society, Work, Leisure and entertainment.

We then changed the creative from the notion that the vehicle is a symbol of wealth and status to the vehicle being simply a tool that enables you to pursue the things that are important in life.